Hapara upgrades to Highlights

When someone asks if you use Hapara, they are generally referring to the Teacher Dashboard and the ability to share and manage student documents. Another feature of Hapara is Interact which gives teachers the ability to monitor students’ activities on their Chromebooks. Hapara released an upgrade to the product, now called Highlights. On the surface, the tool appears very similar; teachers can monitor students’ Chromebooks, close specific tabs, and take snapshots of a student's screen. Dig deeper and you’ll find some additional improvements:

  • Activity Feeds: Students’ tabs or current views are displayed in “near” real-time.
  • Activity Viewer: See a summary of your entire class activity at a glance.
  • Focused Browsing: Restrict students to specific websites for a set time period.

The Focused Browsing tool may be one of the most welcomed upgrades. It allows teachers to send specific websites to students and limit browsing to those sites. So teachers who give online tests can now restrict students from accessing other websites during the assessment. Watch the video tutorial below to see a demonstration.

is the Director of Technology Integration for the New Prague (MN) Area Schools. In 1996, he began teaching middle school technology education. He has been sharing technology integration strategies since 2005.

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