Print Student Projects: Drive > PDF Mergy > nPrint

Do your students have a project they need to print? Middle and high school students are usually able to accomplish this task independently. Elementary students, however, made need more assistance. As an elementary teacher, you could collect the files and print copies for the students. Unfortunately, you would deplete your allotted copies very quickly. The best option is to send your students’ files to nPrint. This will save you time, will not count against your copy totals, and will cost the district less per copy. But how do you do this efficiently without sending the files one at a time?

Normally, we submit one file to nPrint and request 25+ copies. In this example, we want to submit 25+ files and request 1 copy (of the 25+ page document). To accomplish this task, you’ll need to combine all the students’ files into one PDF document. Watch the video below to see the process demonstrated (Google Drive > PDF Mergy > nPrint). If you need assistance, please contact your technology integration coach for assistance.

is the Director of Technology Integration for the New Prague (MN) Area Schools. In 1996, he began teaching middle school technology education. He has been sharing technology integration strategies since 2005.

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