Become a Twitter Lurker

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Navigate the Twitter web & smartphone apps.
  • Create a profile that will identify themselves as a member of an education community.
  • Build a PLN by searching, identifying, and following relevant Twitter users.
  • Save and share resources found via Twitter.
  • Utilize hashtags to follow Twitter chats.

To accomplish these objectives, participants will:
  1. Review your profile and picture. (no eggs!)
  2. Follow me on Twitter: @sbrandt
  3. Under my "Followers" tab, follow other participants in the workshop.
  4. Follow at least 10 educators from this list: 100+ Educators to Follow
  5. Review their "Following" lists and follow at least 10 more educators.
  6. Use our Twitter chat "hashtag": #isd721pd
  7. Questions are posted with a Q1... answers with an A1. (Q2... A2), (Q3... A3), etc.
  8. Concept: 30-Day Challenge (find someone new to follow every day for the next 30 days) 

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How do I "unfollow" someone? >>
  • Can I "block" someone from following me? >>
  • Is there a way to turn off email notifications? >>

Helpful Websites: