Seesaw: Capture Learning in Action (Part 1)

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Create a Seesaw class roster.
  • Add artifacts to the class portfolio.
  • Explore age appropriate learning activities.

To accomplish these objectives, participants will:
  1. Install the Seesaw app on your device (Chromebook, iPad, or smartphone).
  2. Role-play as students and add artifacts to the class portfolio.
  3. Use their school Google accounts to sign-in as teachers.
  4. Create a Seesaw class and add students to the roster.
  5. Review and adjust the Seesaw class settings.
  6. Explore Seesaw lessons and activities for your grade-level and/or subject.

Complete the following tasks before Part 2:
  • Create at least one (1) class and enter your students.
  • Review and adjust your class settings to your preference.
  • Create at least four (4) folders to organize content.
  • Ask *each* student to periodically submit at least four (4) items.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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  • It looks like Seesaw is for iPads. Can students use Chromebooks? >>
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